Paperbark Merchants

About Us

OK... Here is the abbreviated description of Paperbark Merchants; some points are sketchy at best, although true enough to satisfy the law!

"Paperbark" is owned by the Cameron family, we took on the business at 240 York St in Albany during October 2000. The business was previously two separate entities, namely Angus & Robertson Albany and NewsXpress Albany (previously Amity News). For several reasons early in 2011, the decision was made to bring them together under the one brand; as a result Paperbark Merchants was born.

With the freedom of becoming truly independent the business has evolved, Paperbark Tickets is a direct result of this. Our intention is to provide a service that people want to be a part of, we want you to enjoy coming to see us and to seek us out when there's a chance we can help.

While we could sit here and tell you how awesome our service is, how interesting and maybe unexpected or products are, how we care about our community and the environment… etc… etc... we won't; simply because that's what every business says and it all rings a little bit hollow after a while.

Rather than that, we would like to thank you for coming to check us out, we ask for your patience while we bumble our way into the world of the internet, and also to say, please don't hesitate to give us whistle via the contacts page – we will come running!

Enjoy the site, Cheers

Hamish, Lockie and the Team